Radio Consulting Services offers a full range of services plus, regular market visits, unlimited telephone, video conferencing and email access to discuss your stations programming, marketing, and promotions.

We help radio stations achieve higher revenue through increased ratings and revenue-generating promotions as well as Digital and NTR initiatives.

Having a solid on-air staff is one of your station’s biggest strengths. That’s why we place an importance on coaching, mentoring and talent development.

Radio Consulting Services’ Talent Coach will not just air check your talent; but goes in-depth with break-by-break feedback and direction.

The radio business has evolved over the decades, outsourcing music programming has allowed stations to save time and money without sacrificing programming quality. Radio Consulting Services’ experienced team has scheduled music logs for radio stations for many years.

Radio Consulting Services helps stations create digital strategies with social, mobile, podcasting and other cross-platform content. We can also provide on-demand sales and programming friendly revenue-generating promotions.

If you’re looking for content development that conveys your station passionately on social media, we will create a plan for your stations.


The best branding involves knowing who and what you are as a brand and how to effectively communicate and represent your brand’s place in the market.

Local research was once a staple of successful radio stations. Sadly, many stations no longer have a budget for this vital tool. However, we strongly recommend it.

Radio Consulting Services works with your local staff and even promotional partners to create compelling, exciting, and fun station and sales promotions.

Social media is an important part of marketing for any business from the small market entrepreneur owned radio stations to the multimillion dollar companies.

Compelling radio imaging that effectively brands a station enhances the message with thoughtful sound design, music with the right emotion and well-timed, intricate vocal processing.

Radio Consulting Services produces custom TV commercials and website videos every year for radio stations in the US and Canada. The reason for our success is simple, we’re a customer-focused company that delivers world class quality at remarkably reasonable prices.


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Every day, our winning Programming and Consulting Team at Radio Consulting Services keeps radio stations on top.