Marketing And Branding

The best branding involves knowing who and what you are as a brand and how to effectively communicate and represent your brand’s place in the market. In every industry, there are companies and products whose brand names bring instant recognition. Those brands are usually the leaders in their market segment.

The same thing is true with radio stations and on-air personalities. But the reality for many stations is they lack the budget to make it happen. Radio Consulting Services provides traditional and non-traditional recommendations and marketing strategies. We will guide you to affordable alternatives.

Marketing Strategies
Traditional marketing methods such as contests and community events now go hand in hand with email blasts and social media. You should also be offering listeners perks they can't get anywhere else.

Social Media
Social media content creation and management are available for your social media platforms.

Television Production
We conceive, write and produce TV commercials for your stations.

Outdoor and Print
We can create or assist with your outdoor and print campaigns.

Outdoor Campaign Samples