Station Imaging

Who writes the best promos and teases?  Hands down, it's Hollywood. They use great writing and emotional motivators to make even the worst movie sound like an Academy Award winner. Great creative begins with great writing.

When you analyze most station promos and teases, you'll find they primarily convey a long list of cold facts, and rarely transcend to the consummate art of storytelling. We’ve been writing and creating great radio imaging for many years.

Compelling radio imaging that effectively brands a station is quite different from imaging that sounds good. It enhances the message with thoughtful sound design, music with the right emotion and well-timed, intricate vocal processing.

Slick imaging can make your station sound fine, but imaging that enhances your message can help your station win... and sound amazing doing it.

We produce world-class station imaging including writing and production through our partners and the creation of station jingle packages. We’ve been helping stations create station jingles for many years working together with JAM Creative Productions, reel world and TM Studios. Let us help you choose jingles that fit the sound of your station.