Talent Coaching

Having a solid on-air staff is one of your station’s biggest strengths. That’s why we place an importance on coaching, mentoring and talent development. We’re aware that today’s Program Directors have time pressures on them which means less time for coaching.

Radio Consulting Services’ Talent Coach will not just air check your talent; but goes in-depth with break-by-break feedback and direction. The kind of coaching that Program Directors just don’t have the time for.

Radio Consulting Services' Michael Gifford gives direction on relatable, timely, local and topical content ideas, benchmark tips and more.  In addition, Michael will monitor your station and follow-up each critique of your morning show and other talent with in-depth written feedback and ideas for management.

About Radio Consulting Services’ Talent Coach Michael Gifford

radio consulting services Michael Gifford, Music Programmer/Talent Coach

Radio Consulting Services’ Talent Coach Michael Gifford walks the walk of your on-air talent. In addition to over a decade as PM Drive Personality/APD/MD with CBS Radio Denver and as Morning Personality/Music Director with Westwood One; he is currently the morning air talent for Local Radio Network’s Mainstream Country format.

We can provide air check reviews and critiques of your morning show and other talent. For more information on how Radio Consulting Services can help your talent grow and improve contact us.