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Jon was part of a core group who helped build Jones Radio Networks into the nation’s leading independent radio network and syndication company. He was a valuable member of our senior management team and a substantial reason for our success.


It’s a pleasure working with Jon Holiday at Radio Consulting Services. Jon understands what it takes to have a successful radio station and his advice is invaluable.


I've worked with Jon since 1998. He's helped us build Sunny 106 into a heritage station and really understands what it takes to make a small market station sound large.

If you are looking to make a programming change, especially if you are contemplating a move from satellite to local, I recommend you call Jon. He's a real pro that will make your station better.

Jay M. Philippone

Jon’s depth of experience in both large and small markets gives him an insight that is uncommon in our industry. He understands our formats, our listeners, and our employees. Jon took the time to know us and made sure that his suggestions were specific and appropriate to our goals. I strongly and wholeheartedly recommend Jon Holiday as the guy who can help to make your stations even better than they already are.

Ken Sutherland

With your help we moved away from 24/7 formats. At the same time, we changed automation systems, built music databases, and hired voice trackers. Since the change, we’re working on station imaging. Radio Consulting Services made the transition away from network formats smooth and stress free.


One of the best business decisions I made when launching my stations, Sunny 104.5 and ESPN 107.3, was to work with Jon Holiday and Radio Consulting Services. Jon and his staff are real programming and imaging pros that make our stations sound like Top 10 Market stations, even though we’re in a small market in Missouri. The TV commercials they produce help us solidify our station’s positions in the market. The best part about working with Jon and his company is that he is truly knowledgeable about everything regarding programming my radio stations.  Even if it’s just to bounce around ideas or to check the latest trends, I turn to Jon first.


Jon is a savvy and sophisticated programmer who was taught in the 'old school' and yet is hip to all the current tricks of the trade. Truly, the best of both worlds. In addition to his programming acumen, Jon brings to the table outstanding leadership skills and a great respect and understanding of sales & marketing. There are few people in this industry whose talents run both wide and deep. Jon's one of the absolute best. (And he's great guy to work with.)


It is great working with Jon Holiday! He has really been great on follow up with everything that he is handling for me. Jon is a real pro.

Norm Slemenda

Jon Holiday and Radio Consulting Services have had a huge impact on the positioning of our new CHR station in Casper. Unlike the one size fits all formulas used by many consulting firms, Jon and his team visited our market, analyzed our competition, and created music rotations, clocks, and promotions to win right here in our hometown. Their relationships with top voice talent, producers and syndicators helped to fine tune our sound and draw in new listeners almost immediately. For expert programming oversight focused on your competitive situation, I highly recommend Radio Consulting Services.


This quick note is to thank you for the outstanding job you are doing with our stations. Your attention to detail has been phenomenal as well as your knowledge of radio and the media in general.  Your insightful responses to our questions and comments has been very much appreciated.  I simply don’t know how you have the time to devote so much of it to us while taking care of your other client stations as well.  It truly has been a pleasure working with you.


Jon Holiday’s extensive work with our PD exceeded any expectations I might have had. It was unmistakable that he was genuinely concerned with our success. Bottom line, our PD Jarrett Stevens was thrilled; and as he worked closely with Jon day in and day out that’s all I needed to hear.

Rick Pfeiffer

I’ve known and worked with Jon and he has been an inspiration for many years. It is exciting and a pleasure to work with him once again on my syndicated project called “Foundcuts”. I can tell you without hesitation that he is one of the brightest programmers in the country and has many innovative ideas. He is also very good at extracting the best in people, a talent many consultants boast, but cannot execute. Jon is helping me to realize the talent that is “locked up” inside and will surely help to bring Foundcuts down a successful road to a wider audience. I look forward to driving down this road alongside Jon as navigator.

Dave Newfell

If you’re in need of the wisdom and leadership of a highly experienced consultant, I recommend you call Jon Holiday. He’s a programmer, he’s a manager, he’s a leader. Jon is much more than a skilled programmer. He’s a talented manager of projects and of people. He’s big picture thinker. I speak from experience. For more than a decade we’ve worked together on music tracking, library testing, perceptual studies, and format searches. Jon’s love of radio translates into creating a winning radio product. Make a move to greater ratings, revenue, and profit with the help of Jon Holiday.


The level of customer service, support and the consulting efforts that Jon Holiday has put forth are most impressive.

Jon has worked diligently to build solid relationships with our program directors, and he has assisted us in the repositioning of KQAK-FM (Oldies to Classic Hits), KLTW-FM (Soft AC to Mainstream AC) and KWPK-FM (Hot Adult Contemporary).

You would be fortunate to have Jon on your team. He has proven his worth many times over during our association. Jon is an outstanding resource for radio stations and small groups like ours, where providing a “big market sound in small market radio – without the big market attitude” is our mantra.

Keith Shipman

Jon Holiday and Radio Consulting Services did a fantastic job of walking us through the launch of our two newest radio stations 107.3 The Drive and 106.9 The Bull. Jon worked with us from the very beginning through launch. Jon made himself available even during the busy holiday season. We look forward to working with Radio Consulting Services through the next phase of our development and beyond.


Our association with Radio Consulting Services began in 2016. The programming adjustments are generating new fans every day. I would be pleased to recommend Jon Holiday and Radio Consulting Services to anyone considering them for their station.


The guys at Radio Consulting Services are the best in the biz!  They were able to work with our small market budget and still work with us to achieve a major market sound.  With the help of Jon and Rick Brady, our station has grown to audience levels we haven't experienced in many years.  I look forward to continuing a long partnership with Radio Consulting Services!


I’ve been working with Jon on various projects for years. No matter the format or client needs, Jon can get it done. He simply “gets it”. Each market is completely different than the next, and Jon is well aware of that. Hyper-focused research, listening to other stations in the market, and absorbing as much of the local culture as possible are all the things Jon does before he even signs a contract. He’ll create a strategic plan and seek out all the resources needed to execute that plan, before day one.

Dan Gustafson

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