Music Log Scheduling

The radio business has evolved over the decades, outsourcing music programming has allowed stations to save time and money without sacrificing programming quality. Radio Consulting Services’ experienced team has scheduled music logs for radio stations for many years.

The number one reason listeners choose one station over another is the music. To be a top ranked station, the music played needs to be right. Radio Consulting Services serves all major radio formats and works with the various music scheduling software companies, so we can put our music software knowledge and expertise into your database.

Everything is completely customized, and yes, affordable. You can maintain total control over your format, or leave the heavy lifting to us. It’s a partnership.

Music log scheduling is available with Selector 12, Selector 15 and GSelector, MusicMaster, Natural Music and Powergold (license for software not included).

Here’s what we do:

  • Analyze your station’s format, goals, needs and software.
  • Review your total library, categories, clocks, rules, and song coding. Making recommendations and approved modifications along the way.
  • Recommend additions and deletions to the library based on music research.
  • Generate daily music logs hand edited in your software.
  • Send completed music log files directly to your station and ready to integrate with your traffic and automation systems.
  • Update your music library twice annually to keep your station sounding fresh and up to date.