It Can If You Put The Work In

Recently, I compared two head-to-head competitors PM Drive presentations in one of our client markets. Although the competing station has more tenure in the format, has lost its way for internal reasons we can’t possibly know. We’ll call it station “A”.

What I heard on station “A” was a lack of connection with the audience. There was no content, no promoting anything the station might be doing. Yes, station “A” voice tracks. But there are only two voice tracks breaks per, 30 minutes apart. The rest of the time, it’s station imaging with promos into the two of the three commercial sets.

Meanwhile, (our client) station “B” has a true personality delivering content, giving the music context, promoting the morning show and conducting a contest where the “clue” is given in the morning and the opportunity to win happens later in the day. Station “B” is using voice tracking in the best possible ways to sound like a winner. Why? Because they’re putting the work into voice tracking!

The voice tracking challenge should not be, “how fast can I get my tracking done”. But instead, “I need to prep and put time and effort into my recorded that I put into a live show.”

A Few Voice Tracking Tips:

Have fun! Only you can bring the station to life.

If a song has short intro or no intro, keep your talk short: 108-point-one KISS-FM here’s Adele.” This is called a speed break.

Over longer intros, promote: Springfield’s #1 Hit Music Station, 108-point-one KISS-FM  where tomorrow morning ”Dude In The Morning” tells you how to win free gas at 7:20…”


Before going into a commercial stop set always promote what’s coming up next contests, features, services like news, traffic and weather and make sure to tease artist(s) coming up. This is helps fulfill listener expectation and reinforce the station’s music image. Be creative and hook the audience. Don’t give the name of the song(s), that’s not helpful.

Show prep is a must! Focus on local, timely/topical content that’s upbeat, positive and relevant to your station’s audience. Oh, and did I mention to have fun?!?

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