Here Are Some Things You Can Do

By Jon Holiday ~ Managing Partner

Earlier this month, Radio Ink ran a series entitled “Reversing The Declining Listener Trend”. While the ideas we’re presenting here aren’t original, we think they can be some important calls to action for you to ponder, discuss, consider and hopefully put into practice.

Stop Long Stop Sets. Why have even stations in unrated markets followed the corporate model of two stop-sets per hour? No one is listening when we play up to 10 minutes of commercials and promote other products like podcasts. Also, we need to write, produce and create better sounding commercials, Otherwise, we’re asking listeners to go elsewhere.

Develop talent. Where’s the new talent coming from? This is how we connect with our audience and yet we’re not developing new talent because it’s cheaper to voice track. What if we developed new talent by having them voice-track overnights? Sure, this will require someone to coach these trackers to give them direction and feedback to develop them. But worth it!

Improve Listener Experience. Top notch production and imaging, an online stream without technical glitches and without the same lame DR/PI commercials or PSA’s over and over again. Quality processed audio that sounds full and rich. Station streams need to sound good!

Local. Be a part of your community. Learn what’s important to people in the market and use that as your roadmap to get involved in causes, interests, activities and things they’re interested in. Know what’s trending locally and include this in your content. Talk about neighborhoods, local sports teams, including school sports, festivals and events in your area. Being local and involved is something radio can do that apps, internet and satellite radio can’t.

Be Visible. Word of mouth is still the #1-way consumers learn about anything. It starts with marketing, when people see the marketing, they tell others about it, and it spreads quickly. The radio station that’s most visible creates top-of-mind awareness. Be visible wherever large numbers of people in your market tend to be. Events, fairs, concerts, etc. Be the station people see when they go to events and present a positive and professional appearance.

Have A Relationship With The Dashboard. There is technology and visuals for AM/FM that can be as current and visually up to date as everything from Sirius/XM, Apple, Spotify and the rest.

Commit Younger. Nearly every cluster has an FM station that’s not making money. They’re usually referred to as the “red-headed stepchild” (sorry gingers). They may be low rated, less powerful signals. They’re expenses are buried along with the more profitable stations. Instead of being the second or third station in a format; why not try something that targets younger demos? Think out of the box. Take a chance. Nearly 90% of Boomers are 60. Create formats that appeal to Teens, 18 to 24 and 25- to 34-year-old demos. If you are looking for a partner to help guide and improve your stations or just want to discuss any of these ideas; please contact me (contact info below).

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