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This week, Nielsen released the findings of a new perceptual study conducted March 20-22, 2020 focusing on American attitudes surrounding the COVID-19 crisis and radio listening.  Their study showed that consumers hold radio in high regard with 60% of Adults 18+ saying that they trust radio to give timely information about the Coronavirus.

Radio reaches more adults 18+ every week than any other platform measured by Nielsen. ‘Radio is a local lifeblood for millions of consumers and specializes in keeping audiences up-to-date and plugged into what matters most to them in their community‘ said Brad Kelly, Managing Director, Nielsen Audio who led the few key points from their study showing the power and importance of Radio:

  • 83% of American adults report spending the same or more time with radio as a result of the COVID outbreak. And those listening more exceeds those listening less.
  • More than 50% said that radio is a good source of information about the Coronavirus and the associated restrictions, trust that what they hear on radio is accurate, and trust the information they get from their favorite radio hosts.
  • 42% of consumers reported that radio has helped them deal with the outbreak.
  •  46% indicated that radio helps them know what stores are open and where to shop locally.

Source: Nielsen custom study conducted March 20-22 via online survey, based on weighted sample of 1,000 adults 18+

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For nearly a decade, Radio Consulting Services has provided programming, music, marketing and promotional direction to stations all over the United Stations and Canada.

Radio Consulting Services is a multi-format consulting and programming services company advising stations in various formats on growing audience.

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