How Do We Handle This?

By Michael Gifford ~ Talent Coach Radio Consulting Services

Here we are, a place none of us have ever been. It’s uncomfortable. Unsettling, isn’t it?

The talent I am coaching have all asked the same question; how do we handle this?

My answer? “Honestly.”

Radio is a companion. Think of all the people working from home, listening to your station for local updates, for words of hope, for comfort, for a laugh. Be honest.

Like many of you, I am doing my show from my basement bunker, but that doesn’t mean I have to be disconnected. There are many musical artists doing concerts on IGTV and providing great audio to share with your listeners. World famous chefs are hosting cooking demonstrations from their homes, streaming live on every platform you can imagine. My sister started her own YouTube and IGTV channel for her Pilates clients to participate in her classes virtually.

We must focus on the unique ways to keep our audiences entertained. Engage your listeners on the air and leverage social media channels. Find out how your audience has pivoted in our new world and use it to your advantage to connect. Provide unity, provide a forum to give kudos to all the people working in the medical world and grocery stores. Give genuine appreciation to those delivering our goods and the people keeping our country running.

Content today does not have to be doom and gloom. We are the companion that folks are yearning for, is your talent up to the task or are they just reading a list of closures and restaurants doing curbside?

This is our time to shine! Honestly.

About Radio Consulting Services’ Michael Gifford

Radio  Consulting Services’ Talent Coach and Music Programmer Michael Gifford walks the walk of your on-air talent! In addition to over a decade as PM Drive Personality/APD/MD with CBS Radio Denver and as Morning Personality/Music Director with Westwood One; he is currently an on-air talent for Local Radio Network’s Hot Country format.

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