By Jon Holiday ~ Managing Partner Radio Consulting Services

Looking back on this past year, these were the topics of our top five most-read newsletters of 2022. Here they are, counted down from number 5 to number 1.

5. Is Technology Killing The Radio Star? (February 2022)

Conversations have been quietly taking place in our business for several years, especially within the debt-ridden mega corporations involving how AI (Artificial Intelligence) can replace on air and off-air employees. This technology has created the “perfect” on-air personality; one with a great voice, appeal, and charisma. Oh, and they’ll do whatever you tell them to do.

4. Live and Local vs. Tracking: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly (August 2022)

Recently, I read another consultant’s newsletter (we all read each other’s) “Local” May Not Be Your Salvation… It was of particular interest, and I shared it with voice tracking pro and a colleague of mine, Greg Tanner.

3. How Do We Stop Declining Listening? (May 2022) 47

Earlier this month, Radio Ink ran a series entitled “Reversing The Declining Listener Trend”. While the ideas we’re presenting here aren’t original, we think they can be some important calls to action for you to ponder, discuss, consider and hopefully put into practice.

2. Are There Lessons In “TOP GUN: Maverick”? (July 2022)

Recently I saw “Top Gun: Maverick.” One of the best movies I’ve seen in a few years. “Top Gun: Maverick” is loaded with parallels to the radio business. There’s a saying in radio, “just play the hits”. Sure, there was a time that deep cuts and B-sides were cool, but the masses have always tuned in to hear the most popular songs. Do you know who knows how to play the hits? Top Gun: Maverick.

1. Can Voice Tracking Sound Good? (March 2022)

Recently, I compared two head-to-head competitors PM Drive presentations in one of our client markets. Although the competing station has more tenure in the format, has lost its way for internal reasons we can’t possibly know. We’ll call it station “A”.

Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season, we’ll see you in 2023!

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