Looking back on our analytics from this past year, these were the topics of the five most-read Radio Consulting Services Newsletters of 2021. Here are the five most-read newsletters of the year, counted down from number 5 to number 1.

5. Is The Future Of Radio Scaring You? (October 2021)

Depending upon your perspective, it’s either a scary or exciting time in our industry. While some say radio is dead and buried, others promise the moon. But most are correct that the main struggle is to maintain relevance due to increasing competition from digital media platforms. Many stations lack in listener interaction, with both on air as well as through social media. https://conta.cc/3Cs8xTt

4. Do Listeners Really Remember What Station They’re Listening To (Feb 2021)

If you’re competing in a rated market, you are  probably dependent on either Eastlan or Nielsen Ratings as a research tool for sales and to measure your stations programming performance. Or if you utilize barter as a means of paying for products and services with networks and syndicators it’s important for your stations to get as much listening credit as possible. https://conta.cc/3q4ESbM

3. Five Questions (May 2021)

The foundation of your business’s success begins long before you launch your product, land your first client or, in my case, open your first consulting firm. It starts when you decide who you want to be, why you should exist and what you will believe and do as a company. https://conta.cc/3uxvzDz

2. Our Brand Is More Than Just The Logo On Our Shirt (August 2021)

The other day, a teenager was approaching me wearing a black concert T-shirt with an image of Led Zeppelin on the front and the year 1977. He happened to stop right in front of me to wait for traffic to stop so he could cross the street. So, I made a comment letting him know I liked the T-shirt and shared that I had seen Led Zeppelin perform in ’77 at Madison Square Garden in NYC. https://conta.cc/2WwcyGk

1. Does Your Station(s) Have Local Flavor? (September 2021)

So, do your stations have local flavor? Are there things about your stations that make them unique to your city, region and market? There should be local reflections in the various attributes that make up your stations. https://conta.cc/3uvSSiH

Have a safe and Happy Holiday Season and Happy New Year, we’ll see you in 2022!

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