BIG Country Northern Nevada

Start-up becomes #1 in market and leading Country station


In November 2008, BIG Country 103.9 was a brand-new sign-on Country station in Northern Nevada. The station was challenged with going up against a heritage direct competitor. The morning show featured a “More Music, Less Talk” approach which wasn’t going to get the station where it needed to go. The station needed a strategic plan.

Case Study #2

Company: KEBG – A Ruby Radio Corporation Station

Location: Spring Creek, Nevada

Client Since: 2009


Radio Consulting Services began as BIG Country 103.9’s partner in 2009 conducting online music research, followed by monitors to ensure implementation. BIG Country 103.9 quickly improved its position from a start-up to the #1 station in the market and became the leading Country station within its first year on-air.


2009: Performed Competitive Analysis to form the best strategy

2009: The Mainstream Country format was fine tuned

2009: Conducted Online Music Research

2009: Imaging updated simultaneously with evolved music changes

2009: Station becomes promotionally active; event marketing is tied in

2010: KEBG becomes #1 Persons 12+

2010: Positioning updated to “Northern Nevada’s #1 For Today’s Country”

2011: KEBG is the #1 Country station again

2012: KEBG is #1 Persons 12+ again

2013: KEBG is the #1 Country station once again

2014: KEBG is #1 Persons 12+ once again

Source: Eastlan Ratings 2009-2014

“When we signed on BIG Country 103.9, nobody in our company had experience in Country radio. We were up against a heritage Country station with a 25-year head start. We called Jon Holiday to help. Most importantly, he gave us the insight on how to approach the Country life group. Created the music architecture and produced the station for the greatest impact. When we received our first ratings, we had edged past our competitor in younger demos. Over time, we continued to dramatically increase our lead.”

– Ken Sutherland, President - Ruby Radio Corporation

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