Sunny 104.5

Climbs from #14 to a top station station in Mid-Missouri


In 2012 Sunny 104.5 ranked 14th in the ratings with weekly 12+ cume of only 1,000 listeners. The station targeted incorrectly for the market and struggling as a Soft AC station. The station was unfocused, and its programming strategy was and lackluster. The music was inconsistent, and the Morning Show was weak. The station needed a strategic plan, a new morning show and great execution. Sunny 104.5’s ultimate goal was to build a brand and increase listenership.

Source: The Nielsen Company 2012
Case Study #3

Company: KUMR – A Mid-Missouri Media
Incorporated Station

Location: Mid-Missouri

Client Since: 2012


Radio Consulting Services began as Sunny 104.5’s programming and consulting partner in late 2012. We created a strategic plan and through on-going implementation and execution support, drove the station to become one of the most popular stations in the market.


2012: Performed Competitive Analysis to find the best strategic position

2012: Conducted Online Music Research

2013: A new Mainstream AC format was created and launched

2013: Positioning updated to “Sunny 104.5, Today’s Best Variety”

2013: Station begins contesting; marketing includes a TV campaign

2014: A new morning team show is added.

2014: Station becomes more active in the community and with events

2015: KUMR audience and revenue increases

2016: KUMR becomes a popular station

2017: KUMR continues to grow

2018: KUMR becomes one of the most popular stations

2019: KUMR maintains it's popularity

2020: KUMR continues to be a popular station

“One of the best business decisions I made was to work with Jon Holiday and Radio Consulting Services. Jon and his staff are real programming pros who make our stations sound like Top 10 Market Stations. Jon and his company are deeply knowledgeable about everything regarding the programming of my radio stations.”

– Dennis Wallace, President – Mid-Missouri Media Incorporated

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