Some Things To Check On

By Jon Holiday ~ Managing Partner Radio Consulting Services

With the Spring 2021 Ratings Survey beginning in 10 days; are you ready? Here are some things you should check on and act on ASAP!

1.  Do listeners know what your station is all about? Do they get a snapshot of your sound in every quarter hour? Do they understand your promotions? Your music position? The morning show? What it’s famous for?

2.  Does your advertising, marketing and promotion tactics support your brand strategy? Is everything moving in the same direction, or are there multiple messages being put out there? Is everything going the same direction?

3.  If you’re a music station, is your music focused and on target? Make sure to freshen clocks and rotations to ensure the balance is right, songs rotate through different dayparts and quarter hours and your playlist is tight. Sometimes songs can pile up. Have you rested all of the weak songs?

4.  Are you promoting appointment tune-ins? Take every chance to encourage tune-in by giving times benchmarks can be heard. Do you promote specific times to participate in contests and promotions, too?

5.  This is a good time to evaluate and update produced elements. We often let them live on too long but should freshen these produced elements regularly.

6.  Are your benchmarks, features, and recurring elements “hits”? Are they truly appointment tune-ins? If not; discontinue, re-invent it or replace.

7.  Are you engaging your audience off air? Website? Social media? Do you make it easy to participate and share?

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