By Jon Holiday ~ Managing Partner

Depending upon your perspective, it’s either a scary or exciting time in our industry. While some say radio is dead and buried, others promise the moon. But most are correct that the main struggle is to maintain relevance due to increasing competition from digital media platforms. Many stations lack in listener interaction, with both on air as well as through social media.

But hey, radio is still here and is here to stay!

A lot has happened. Think about social media or the way Spotify changed how we listen to and use music. But nothing beats the speed of radio when news is happening.

Almost when it occurs reporters and DJs can be heard in homes, cars and workplaces thanks to the reach and swiftness of radio. A recent example is when Adele released her first single in 5 years from her forthcoming album. Minutes after it was released by, it was aired on radio.

But this doesn’t mean the struggle is over and from now on it will be a cakewalk. Although radio maintains its relevance as a vehicle for advertisers to go to, the focus will continue to be digital, and it keeps on growing. This means radio stations have to be relevant online as well. A simple website just doesn’t cut it anymore. Offering unique content, visualizing your morning show, interacting on a multichannel level with listeners.

Does this mean you should focus entirely on online? No, simply because a large portion of your listeners still listen to traditional FM radio. After all, radio is the number one way of entertainment in the car. Yes, the connected car will be the future, but not all at once. Many listeners don’t own vehicles with this technology… Yet! But this change is coming and you’ll need to claim your space on the digital dashboard if you haven’t already. It’s the further digitalization of broadcasting. For you, and your listeners. Are you interested in how we can help you get ready for the future? Click here to tour our website and find the answers to your questions.

About Radio Consulting Services

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