Does Your Station(s) Have Local Flavor?

By Jon Holiday ~ Managing Partner

Buddy’s Pizza, Ann Arbor, MI

I recently had the opportunity to dine at Buddy’s Pizza, home of the original Detroit-style square pizza. Buddy’s is a family-owned business that has been serving pies throughout metro Detroit for 75 years.

I loved the look of this location just outside the Motor City which pays tribute to Buddy’s’ Detroit heritage with urban industrial decor and design elements reminiscent of the original Buddy’s Pizza on the corner of Six Mile and Conant in Detroit. Rich, warm colors enliven the space while metal, exposed brick and wood detail evoked Detroit’s urban history.

Family-owned and operated since 1946, Buddy’s Pizza is the birthplace of the original Detroit-style square pizza. For seven decades the restaurant has been feeding patrons at its metro Detroit locations. Consistently voted Detroit’s number one pizza locally, regionally and nationally, the Farmington Hills-based restaurant remains true to its Detroit roots, legacy and  traditions that began on the corner of 6 Mile and Conant years ago. 

So, do your stations have local flavor? Are there things about your stations that make them unique to your city, region and market? There should be local reflections in the various attributes that make up your stations.

Here’s an example of a client our company began working with last year. One of the stations needed a complete makeover. Since it’s competing with one of the largest media corporations, the team involved decided that it would be important to carve out a local identity.

The station became Georgia 104.5. The logo our designer created pays homage to the Georgia Bulldogs logo. The red and black are revered across the state.

Georgia 104.5 logo

Additionally, on-air the station reflects Georgia pride, “southern charm” and proudly embraces a bit of a redneck image; complete with the sound of a Dixieland horn used in some of the imaging to having an airstaff mostly comprised of Southerners.

BTW, not only did the restaurant look great, but the pizza was also delicious, and it felt like a genuine Detroit experience!

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